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SAMSUNG ST66 16.1MP Digital Camera

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SAMSUNG ST66 16.1MP Digital Camera

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  • Discontinued
  • Shipping weight:1 Kg
  • Brand : SAMSUNG
  • Color : Black
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  • Months x 124 EGP

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Price of SAMSUNG ST66 16.1MP Digital Camera in Egypt

Even with F2.5 lens and 16.1 megapixels, the stylish ST66 still fits nicely in your pocket, so you can easily
SAMSUNG ST66 Digital Camera Egypt
capture memories in astounding detail wherever you go. And creative, fun features such as Live Panorama, Picture in Picture, Funny Face and Magic Frame let you show off your artistic side. Or you can simply show off the camera, which has timeless design with a modern touch.


- Clearer shots in the dark with F2.5 Bright lens
Enjoying a night out on the town? The F2.5 lens captures the light to take clearer shots in the dark. Capturing moments at night have never been easier with this bright F2.5 lens. From sunsets to candle lit dinners, enjoy the moments as they are and never worry about getting dark and blurry results or disturbing those around you with the bright flash of a camera.

- 16 Mega Pixels/5x/25mm
With its remarkable 16.1MP high-resolution sensor, the slim, stylish ST66 delivers your memories in vivid, sharply detailed images. The 25mm wide-angle lens ensures you’ll get a memorable group shots, with each and every person in the frame. Also, even if you’re shooting from far away, get as close as you’d like while maintaining optimal image quality with the 5x optical zoom.

- Live Panorama
With Live Panorama, you can capture every peak of a sprawling mountain range or every skyscraper in a magnificent city skyline to create astounding 180º panoramic images. And you can preview the image on the LCD before you even snap it. Just hold the shutter button, sweep across the scene and see what you’re going to get before you get it.

- Smart Auto 2.0.
Whether you’re capturing under bright conditions and cannot see the subject’s face, use the backlight mode and get a clearer picture using Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie). Get the best possible result every time. Scene detection technology identifies up to 16 different shooting conditions, instantly analyses key elements of your composition, and then automatically adjusts to optimise settings for every individual situation.

SAMSUNG Digital Camera
- HD 720p, 30fps, MJPEG
Inside this stylish, yet powerful camera, capture 720p HD-quality MJPEG video at 30 frames per second clearer than the average compact digital camera video.
From the concert hall to birthday parties get HD-quality videos wherever you are.

- Picture in Picture
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but one photo doesn’t always tell the whole story. Picture in Picture lets you insert one image within another for example, a shot of a game winning homerun framed by the cheering crowd. You can even adjust the size and position of the smaller shot however you like so you can present the complete picture, the way you experienced it.

- Magic Frame
Turn a portrait into an old film still, or put a friend’s face on a billboard. With Magic Frame, it’s easy to create clever, poster-quality images. Just select one of the built-in background templates, like Wall Art, Full Moon, Magazine or Holiday. Point the camera at your subject, align it within the on-screen template and capture the fun to hang on your own wall or to share!

- Smart Filter 2.0
Take your creativity to a higher level with the 13 lens and colour effects of Smart Filter 2.0. During playback, choose the Vignetting Effect for striking compositional contrast; the Fish-eye Effect to enhance videos with a cool, distorted feel or the Miniature Effect to give subjects a scale-model look. Colour filters like Sketch and Defog add emotion, an ultra-vivid vibe or other artistry to your images.

- Funny Face
Bend, stretch, and warp your friends and family for big laughs with the Funny Face feature you simply press the 5-direction key to enlarge heads or noses, or create hilarious distortions. And when you move the camera, the Face Tracking feature preserves the funny looks just the way you want them.

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Lens Type


Optical Zoom

5 x


Effective Pixel

16.1 MP


Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200


Mono / Mono

Noise Reduction


Total Pixels

16.4 MP

Advanced Features

Face Detection

Yes Face Detection

Image Stabilization

DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)

NightFraming System


Imaging Sensor

Imaging Sensor

1/2.3" (Approx. 7.76mm) CCD



NTSC, PAL (user selectable)

PictBridge Compatible


USB Port(s)

Yes USB 2.0

Convenience Features

Date / Time Stamp

Date&Time, Date, Off (user selectable)

Red-Eye Reduction

Yes Red-eye Reduction

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