Kenwood FS-360 Food Steamer

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Kenwood FS-360 Food Steamer

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  • Shipping weight:6 Kg
  • Brand_ : Kenwood
  • Type : Food Steamer
  • Wattage : 900 W
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Price of Kenwood FS-360 Food Steamer in Egypt

Enjoy faster healthy cooking with the 'hi-tech' quick steam operation on this food steamer. Perfect for family sized meals its large oval design allows optimum capacity. It is supplied with 3 transparent baskets, which are stackable in order to save space, a removable stock tray and a 1.2 litre rice bowl. For continuous steaming the water refill funnel is on the exterior with a water level indicator. An automatic 'keep warm' operation has been added for when the cooking cycle is complete and there is a built in boil dry protection.

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Food Steamer


900 W


8.7 litres , basket: 2.5 / 2.7 / 3.5L , rice bowl: 1.2L , stock tray: 500ml , tank: 1.1L


43 x 25 x 32 Cm


2.54 kg




3 plastic baskets with plastic bases, Auto shut of

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